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Semi Trailer Accident Attorneys

While drivers of commercial vehicles, including semi trailers, are required by law to undergo specialist training and obtain a commercial driver’s license, the size and weight of these vehicles means that when accidents do happen, the consequences can be severe. With a semitrailer generally weighing over 40,000 lb before being loaded, the driver will need to grapple with a much longer stopping distance, and the possibility of jack-knifing, when forced to brake suddenly. Unfortunately for other motorists nearby, and pedestrians who are in the wrong place at the wrong time, no amount of skill and experience can make such a behemoth of a vehicle stop immediately, so a collision is very likely. Of course, when this collision involves your car, you are highly likely to sustain serious injuries, with fatalities far more common in these circumstances than when two cars collide.

Even the most experienced and careful of drivers can make a mistake resulting in a serious semi trailer accident. If you have been injured, or lost a loved one, in such an accident, you need expert legal representation from our Semi Trailer Accident Attorneys.

How a San Diego Semi Trailer Accident Attorney Could Help You

While car accidents and semi trailer accidents are, essentially, both auto accidents, there are some differences in the laws applicable to them.

For example, trucking companies and their drivers are legally obligated to comply with certain legislation, including the following:

  • Where any Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations have been breached, both the trucking company and the semitrailer driver can be deemed responsible for any collision.
  • Any subcontractors or maintenance firms who had worked on a semitrailer before an accident may also be held partly-responsible, depending on the circumstances the semi trailer accident.
  • Truck drivers must keep, and be able to produce when required, log books fully detailing their rest breaks, driving time, meals and sleep.
  • The blood alcohol limit for truck drivers is half that for drivers of non-commercial vehicles. A semitrailer driver will be considered to be intoxicated with a reading of 0.04.

San Diego Injury Law Center’s Semi Trailer Accident Attorneys

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